Uncannon Sequel to When Turkeys Revolt that will change the main course of history. Thanksgiving has returned to the Dragon Realms and Spyro has been is chosen to host the Valley of Peace's Autumn Festival Feast at the Jade Palace with all of the Kung Fu Masters from all the provinces of China coming and both Lord Shen and Kairi are attending as well as the rest of the louge. The plus-side this year is that Necky won't go batspit insane with turkey rights again cause life in Farmer Steed's place is like a 5 star-hotel for turkeys and the autumn festival won't face any interfearnce from any villain who gets any ideas of ruining it, not under Tyro and friends watchful eyes. However, things STILL don't go as planned when Spyro, Sparx, Kairi, Spongebob, Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, Twilight, Spike, The Mane 5, the Cutie Mark Crusaiders, Trixie and Gilda are recruited by Necky's cousin Pecky and Neiry's muscle bound brother, Barry, who are both inspired by the turkey revolt and deside to do the more humaine way to save turkey rights on Thanksgiving: Travel back in time to the First Thanksgiving to literally get turkeys everywhere off the holiday menu for good. Upon arrival in the time of the First Thanksgiving, Pecky and Barry plan to not only rescue 10 turkeys of the past from getting eaten, but an entire flock of them. However, there's a problem: Saldaron's rules of time. cause of this, not only this is not approved by Saldaron, but this will also attract unwanted attention from the time police, lead by the best cop, Officer Clock Watch, an emotionless, very-almost-dangeriously by the book member of the time police with legalised warrents for the arrest on the selected lougers and the turkeys, by the betrayed Saldoron himself. With Saldoron against this, The Time Police intent to let history happen as it should, Spyro starts to question the idea of altering time for the sake of Turkeys. Stuck with two options: help Pecky and Barry prevent their ancestors from becoming the traditional holiday meal, change the "main course" of history and deal with the hunters and time cops, and betray Saldoron and ruin their credability as heroes, or let Time stay as it should and face save by turning in Barry and Pecky? This is a lose-lose situation folks.