With the meliterry project that causes hate destroyed by the Cooper Gang, Spe-ron and his possie arent going to give up their ambitions to make make Spyro the most hated hero ever so easily. But a new threat as arrived to ensure that Spe-ron's little gang is a new force to be reckoned with and wants revenge on both Spyro and Kairi, in the form of Kung Khan and Fu Ju's insane medium and very powerful sister, Yi Ge. She has rounded up some of Spyro and Kairi's worse enemies and posses a terrible kung fu move that'll render Saldaron, the louge who interfear with her and Spe-ron's buisness with Spyro and Kairi, their allies, Mirage and her united villain team weaken in fear. A Kung Fu move much worse then the Sholalin Ka So Fom: The Shijian Daoche. It is a move that alters time without causing a paradox and allows the user to turn karma into his or her favor which was rendered the worse of all forbidden kung fu moves and it was so powerful it had never been taught to anyone not even Oogway himself. Yi Ge is intent on destroying Spyro and Kairi, avenging Kung Khan and Fu Ju and knock Ke-pa off the throne of the Chinese Underword.  However, she has an unexpected problem: Fu-Xi

(check these episodes to understand:

Lord Shen, Merlin, and Saldoron already being a step ahead. Fu-Xi already plans to shavitosh Yi Ge's plans by using the one thing she fears: The imprisonment orb of Ji-Jhong, an orb created to imprison any demon forever. they just need to trick Yi Ge to fall into a trap, and a Master of Time Stronger then Yi Ge's dangerious move. And Spe-ron remains alone at this.