With Po and the Furious Five at each other's throats yet again on training Spyro to become a stronger kung fu fighter in the louge, Shifu decides to take them and Spyro with Sparx, Kairi, the Nicktoons and even Tyro, Mang, Aqua, Terra, Ven and Teen Mang on a road trip to the Secret Museum of Kung Fu to educate Spyro even more while Tyro brings some of  his collection of magical weapons and artifacts he gained from his years of being a hero of China to stash in the Museum for future generations. The good news is, the previous villains that sought the museum have been placed in Sure Gum prison. However, new villains sought the secret weapons: The Hellfire Dragons, a gang of fire-elemental Komodo Dragons lead by a disgraced member of Shen's family named Bandit King Ki Su Wong, a victim of a tragic misunderstanding involving an accsidental slaughter of a village on fear it might have a Panda that'll grow up to be a destroyer of his dear cousin Shen, unaware Shen made a simular, far more grimmer mistake in another city like Gongmen. Now Ki Su is relentless on claiming the Anicent Spear of the Peacocks, and blindly restore his honor by conguring China. Upon hearing of Ki Su's return, Shen with Cynder and Riku tagging along desides to confront his cousin to make another atonement for his grimmer sin while Tyro who has no intention of letting Ki Su cheat his way to accomplishing his ambitions and helps Shen by using one of his artifacts he intents to put in the Secret Museum which is more powerful then the Peacock Clan's Ancient Spear, the Mighty Mystic Sword of Hanja Long. But can Ki Su Wong and the Hellfire dragons be stopped in time? Shen is about to face his disgraced cousin and minions in battle and haste will be Spyro and company's only ally.