The New Adventures of Spongebob, Spyro and Friends Wiki

Welcome to the The New Adventures of Spongebob, Spyro and Friends Wiki

Welcome to The New Adventures of SpongeBob, Spyro and Friends Wiki

This is the continuing Adventures of the Shell Lodge Squad lead by SpongeBob SquarePants and Spyro the Purple Dragon created by Supervideomaniac/Scroopfan3212311 with some Fanfiction/DeviantArt stories and more. This wiki is going to be a new reserve and repurpose because, after being created by former Wiki contributor Tman due of Scroopfan requesting for Kairi fetish free episodes on his wiki site, current SAF Wiki Administrator MetroScreamingMayor8841 is considering taking over this wiki because of recent argument issues between him and Scroopfan. Thus, this wiki will have a branch story line, and new material, all going MSM's desired way, while Scroopfan would have his own wiki.

MSM Storyline

Coming soon...

Tman Storyline

The Louge's family adventures with her will continue here. This is where anything can happen. The Louge will still travel to many cartoon worlds and beyond, welcome new additons to the team, combat the dark forces of evil both old and new, save the world again and making you laugh out loud at the same time. To Scroop and Msm, fill free to make your contributions and help me make this spin off adventure series a great success. So for those who are a fan of the Adventure Series Empire or a Creator. Have fun, see the sights, really enjoy behind the character infos, and check for any new updates, character wikis, moisodes (cross between of a movie, and an episode as a series), and if you like, work on the articles a little, to correct spelling, add special info, and add an image you think would look good, as long as it is related to the series. (please refer to the rules and guidelines to avoid getting in trouble.) P.S., here's the link to the original.

Spongebob and Friends Canon Wiki



The Shell Louge Squad

The Story So Far

The High Council

Allies To the Louge (Help Needed)

The Villian Leage, The Syndicate of Darkness and Darkspawn Villains (Help Needed)

How to The Villain Leage Recruites

The Villain Leage's Resurrection Policy and Laws

Team Nefarious

Birth of Team Nefarious

The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire

Birth of the Dark Dragon Scourge Empire (Help Needed)

The Louge's Rouge Gallery of OC Villains (Help Needed)

Worlds (Help Needed)

The United Universes (Help Needed)

The History of the Purple Dragons and Kingdom Hearts

The Ansem Reports

The Xehanort Reports

The Prophecies and Legends

The Cartoonian Wars and The Keyblade War

Creation of the Generator of the Universal Bounderies

Songs and Lyrics

Spongebob and Friends Canon Scripts

Character Logs

Rules and Gidelines

Required Pages


Good Guys:

Bad Guys:








Latest activity

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